Geraldine Fame Flores of Pilipinas Got Talent

Geraldine Fame Flores of Pilipinas Got Talent

She’s got the looks, she’s got the voice, this is Geraldine Fame Flores from Don Bosco, Parañaque, a 19 year old girl who auditioned in the Pilipinas Got Talent of ABS-CBN.

Watch her video:

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  1. i like your voice, you are just like an angel from heaven and come down into the earth and sing to human.

  2. there is a much better fanpage. there is always some srt of update, unlike the other fanpages which are stagnent. this is the name of the fanpage :

  3. Is there any way to contact her to suggest a song?

    One that fit’s her style and the judges want (English/Filipino)

    I think “Take me Away” by Globus is nice.

  4. Fame: “Pilipinas Should’ve Gotten Her Talent”
    By Ariel Allera

    I felt bad that Geraldine “Fame” Flores wasn’t chosen tonight as one of the grand finalists to “Pilipinas Got Talent.”

    I don’t see anything wrong with classical songs, especially those that speak of God. The only reason why judges Ai-Ai and Kris cast their votes for Sherwin was that Fame’s choice of song was inappropriate of her age and far from trend. They were telling her to sing songs like Charice Pempengco’s genre. I think it’s shallow.

    Why couldn’t they just let her be herself? Remember, there’s beauty in diversity. If all singers on television sang the same kind of music, then we’d be living in a world of monotony.

    I believe that nowadays we need singers who could contribute to universal peace by spreading the word of God. In this case, there couldn’t have been a more perfect way for this crusade than through ABS-CBN, because it goes international via TFC (The Filipino Channel) and more people would be spiritually inspired and enriched after listening to Fame and assimilating her song.

    It’s a shame to note that in a Christian country like the Philippines, talent contestants like Fame (who is glorifying God) are frowned upon only because they don’t sing like the contemporaries who do pop, pop, pop.

    A lot of talent competitions have been held on television and so far results have always been predictable in terms of the genre of music. It would’ve been more beautiful if Fame had been chosen to sing her way to the Big Night so that there’s going to be at least one finalist with “taste,” let alone the courage to stand her ground with God no matter what people say.

    The bottom line is, we’re just borrowing our talents from God, and it certainly won’t hurt a bit if we glorify Him by spreading His Word through His gifts for each of us. We have a calling to utilize our talents not just for ourselves but also for our brothers and sisters. No matter what has happened, Fame has touched so many lives and she will be reciprocated for it.

    I’d like to commend Fame on her conviction. After Kris Aquino said her piece, Fame went on by saying that she will never ever stop singing her songs and God must have had a purpose for her brief stints on “Pilipinas Got Talent.”

  5. fame has a good voice pero hindi nya naisip na kaya sumali sya sa PGT to make money. marami ngayon classical singer na walang trabaho. in the philippines few only can appreciate classical music. yung kinanta nya i doubt kung nasa genre yun ng classical music. hindi classical music yun. ang point lang naman ng mga judges ng PGT ay patas yung labanan kailangan kumanta sya ng familiar song kasi hindi alam ng mga nanood kung na pronounce nya ng matino yung kinakanta nya. pano pala kung mali mali pala yung pag pronounce nya kaya lang hindi natin maintindihan tapos palakpak tayo ng palakpak hindi naman natin naintindihan parang tayong gago.

  6. fame should not compare “nobody song” to a classical nobody nobody is a dance tune shes right in saying that nobody nobody is a korean song that even if we dont understand we love to sing with it. but its the dance tune that makes as familiar with the song. not the lyrics. fame hindi ka pa famous malaki na ulo mo… gudluck

  7. although Fame Flores didn’t make it to the grand finals. she indeed has captured the hearts of the people. it was sad to say that because she didn’t sing the type of songs the two(2) judges wanted for her to sing,she got eliminated. but don’t worry Fame, the mere fact that Mr FMG chose/favored you, it only meant that you were better. FMG is a guy who has an eye for true talent. I salute you MR FMG. For Fame, please just continue your singing and the type of songs you want to sing, your TIME will come. You don’t need to win in a competition., you just need an exposure for the people to see your talent, and everything good will come your way.

  8. Putang ina yan c Kris Aquino.. Bobo talaga may dalawng singers na lalaki na dinagdagan nya pa ng isa Gaga talaga.. malandi kc… Pota ka Kris ipapatapon ka ni noynoy sa States… Ngkaalmoranas ka sa sobrang landi mo!!!

  9. hello fame good day, actually napanood ka namin lahat kami sa haus sa caloocan but ganon nga ang hatol ng horado so igalang na lng natin and wag ka sana tumigil sa carrer mo sumusopurta kami sau sa pamamagitan ng txt vote, d mo talaga napigil ang iyak mo pati tuloy mga nanood sa haus umiiyak na rin he he cge lng fame better luck next time e mail ka lng kung may contest ulit sa ganon walang sawa kami sa u sa pag suporta just pray always and take care relax lng marami pang pag kakataon kahit sa opis pinapanood ka [pa rin namin

  10. you have a very good voice and you are a good looking lady gusto yung ballad rock pero gusto ko ang boses ang hinde alam kung paano mo nababasa
    at nakakanta ang latin sa dahilan sa nakarating na ako sa Italy ang writing nang Italy ay iba sa Latin pero para sa akin ikaw panalo dahilan sa bihira lang marunong ang alam ko noong maliit pa ako ay si Sylvia La Torre lang ang marunong kumanta nang
    classical music ang dapat sana ay mayroon din kasama na classical sa grand championship at ang isa pa ay performer ka na i am going to be your fan and take care and good luck fame
    i graduated my Baclaran and i am originally from Northern Samar

  11. you have a very good voice and you are a good looking lady gusto ko yung ballad rock pero gusto ko ang boses ang hinde alam kung paano mo nababasa
    at nakakanta ang latin sa dahilan sa nakarating na ako sa Italy ang writing nang Italy ay iba sa Latin pero para sa akin ikaw panalo dahilan sa bihira lang marunong ang alam ko noong maliit pa ako ay si Sylvia La Torre lang ang marunong kumanta nang
    classical music ang dapat sana ay mayroon din kasama na classical sa grand championship at ang isa pa ay performer ka na i am going to be your fan and take care and good luck fame
    i graduated my Baclaran and i am originally from Northern Samar

  12. sa totoo lang maling sila sa hindi pagpili kay fame nina kris at ai ai kagabi. nakakahinayang tingin ko naman hindi lang classical ang kaya nyang kantahin eh un lang talaga ung pinakatrip na palpak ang judges

  13. I think nanalo dapat si fame.. That’s the problem with us Pinoys.. Pano natin maaapreciate ang mga kantang klasical kung di naman natin binibigyan ng change.. Tayo kc kung ano yong kanta na kinakanta ng marami kahit walang minsahe don na rin tau.. Hindi nman kc lahat ng gus2 ng majority eh tama na. Anyway, like what you said just go on kaya mo yan!!

  14. Ai Ai And Kris are unfair. Sa pagkakintindi ko naka base ang decicion sa performance last sunday. and apparently Aiai has already a decision even before the competion started. Sabi ni Ai Ai kahit wala sa tono ung guy e perfect naman nung the other night. As a matter of fact binoto niys ung guy sa text kaya ibinoto nya ulit for the sunday’s performance,I think hindi pwedeng judge is aiai pag ganoon siya magdecision. Kris on the other hand, didn’t look on the talent, but on the choice of song. Napakarami ang kayang kumanta ng tama sa song nung guy at maririnig mo sila sa ibat ibang kanto na may videoke, pero yung girl bihira lang ang may ganuong talent at isa siya sa mga magaling magdeliver ng classical song. Malinaw na si kris nor aiai are not capable of being a judge. Sayang dahil ang may talent na magaling ay hindi naaapreciate.

  15. this is a competition..emotion must be left behind..its not right na baka masaktan ang bata kay kris voted for rolando..its his parents fault..making their son be on that situation.fool parents..
    bout fame.i chose her..i believe fmg saw a true talent in her..judges must know what competition they were judging..not because gwapo pasok na..bobo..

  16. i really admire a contestant who are not afraid to show their talent despite of being different..not being a person who just go with the flow even..
    true judge knows what talent is..this is

    anyway,pag artista, pag palit ng palit ng asawa..uso na.kaya marami hiwalay..uso eh..bobo..dapat di idolize ang mga taong malandi..basura..mayabang..

  17. Fame it’s ok…u did your best and for us ikaw ang dapat kasama sa grand finals not only for your performance but also in txt votes…just go on with your dream..nakakalungkot lang be’coz in what i’ve seen kris and ai ai seemed bias and they favored much sa gusto nilang papanalunin.

  18. parang minaliit ni kris n ai2 ang classical. IMMORTAL ang genre na classical,. dapat ibase nila sa talent n performance at hindi kung ano ang mas in na kanta. sbi nga ni fmg, dpat sa lahat ng competitions ang performance eh perfect. wala sa tune c sherwin eh, bingi b cla?

  19. Fame should win over sherwin..sobrang obvious tlga na she’s got more talent..problem with kris is that she cant appreciate such genre and she really sound stupid when she said sing songs appropriate for fame’s age..and i was like, hello? andame na kayang pop singers sa pinas and ung iba na nga hindi na sumisikat and gusto mo pa isik2 si fame? siguro its time naman to give chance to other genre na marecognize sa bansa and para mlaman dn ng mga tao na marame tayong worldclass talents..

  20. Naiintindihan ko ang song nya by feeling her emotions. It was about the sufferings that Christ experienced because of His Love to us. Music is a universal language. Kailangan lang ibukas ating isip sa lahat na nangyayari sa mundo. When I was her age i doubt i can enflesh the way she did with the song. Hangang hanga ako sa kanya.

  21. go fame to your dreams 2loy mo lang pag-awit mo about god…time willcome your be fame..mous….goodluck!!!very disappoint lang talaga ako sa 2 judges..

  22. i hope we filipinos stop using religious song for competition or talent contest. i know our talents are given by god. but lets leave our religious songs for praises or plays in school. please stop using it in talent contest. because if the song is not appreciated by the masses we make it as an excuse that we dont appreciate god’s song. that is not what god wants.

  23. Dear Fame,

    I love your voice. And i am so pleased that you stood up for your passion. how i wish i could be your friend. you’re vry simple ang so humble. keep up the good work and may you continue to glorify God through your music. please if ever you read my letter, please send me an email. alam kong hindi ka mahilig sa mga facebook etc.,and so do i.(kaya nga mahirap kang itrace through intrnet)i just see myself in you and even in your Christian Character.hope you’d contact me. God Bless you!!!


  24. god bless u fame at sa family m jan sa paranaque and kailan ka namin ulit masulyapan sa tv? mtagal pa ba? sana meron na kasunod na mi mis ko boses eh he he ok na ba kau ni kris hayaan ma na c kris sa malacanang na yan titira tuloy mo lng carrer mo ha/

  25. …any song can be a praise song…but it doesn’t mean that can used for a contest. I don’t think there is a law that, “praises song is exempted to any contest.” Anyway, if you watched the performance, performance wise Fame is better than Sherwin.
    Usually, in any contest like singing, they based on the latest performance at hindi sa panahon ni kopong kopong. Kasi from there, your real talent will show. If Ai Ai based on previous performance, dapat hindi na pinakanta ang dalawa. Judges were breaking their own rule. There is no justice, it is bias, it is unfair, and the reason is not valid, etc….
    Fame, you don’t just have the talent and beauty but also the power to express your feelings to anybody (even to Kris Aquino).
    Good luck and may the ALMIGHTY bless you.

  26. Weh…buti nga natanggal siya. Ang yabang-yabang…hindi pa sikat eh nagmamayabang nang marami siyang fans. Paawa effect pa! Major turn-off…and for those saying that she has talent, kung hindi Italyano ang kanyang kinakanta eh ‘di ba’y wala na siyang pinagkaiba naglilipana nating singers dito sa ‘Pinas?

    Hindi porke marami nang fans sa Internet forums, chats, atbp., sikat na. One lesson here: humility. Kung sasabihin niyong talent lang ang dapat pagbatayan dito, nagkakamali kayo. Siyempre, kailangan ding i-konsider ang personalidad dahil kung wala namang matutuwa sa katauhan ng isang artist, eh balewala lang ang talento niya. Malulugi lang ang network…at masusuya lang lalo kayo habang nanonood ng TV.

  27. Geraldine Fame Flores is a name to watch not only in singing but also in acting.She exudes real pinoy beauty and talent.
    She is the real winner to me in the Pinoy Got Talent!
    I was disheartened by 2 judges who did not vote for her.They ought not be judges for the singing contests! Congrats Mr. FMG, you are the real judge

  28. Your singing touched my soul like it
    hasn’t ever been touched before.
    I believe God has a big plan for your
    beautiful voice, and I can’t wait to
    see what it is.
    I am looking forward to buying your music. Please sing for America some day. God bless you and NEVER GIVE UP.

  29. kahit pa ndi ka nakuha sa mga grand finalist sa pgt alam kong malayo pa ang mararating mo!!!!!!!be sa you are and keep dreamin alwayz!!!!!!!add u na me fb u!!!!!napintas ka unay!!hehehehe

  30. fame,i don’t care what other people thinks about your style of singing to me your the best than any contestant from the last PGT.They don’t know what is singing is all about.I know that you will be fame-ous someday.
    From the first time i saw you sang at PGT and listened to your piece i told my self this is the one!
    just like when charice was starting i told myselfthat she willtravel far, which she did.You have all the right ingredients ie:face,voice,etc what can you ask for?
    Keep your spirits high and continue your goal and i will see you sing on the next tv mass this sunday on tfc guam. you have a nice new year and more blessingsin 2011!!!!!

  31. hi fame!
    i reAlly like your voice..
    singer din kasi ako ng mga classical songs dito sa lugar namin..
    pwede mo ba ako mabigyan ng tips kung panu ang tamang pag tremolo sa high notes?
    iniisip ko kasi palagi na hindi ko makakaya. alam ko na isip ko ang dumidikta na hindi ko kaya pero alam ko na kaya rin nang voice ko.. pls. help me..
    thank you and GOD Bless..

  32. I was also saddened by this event. Ito yung turning point kung bakit bumitaw na ako sa ABS-CBN.

    I’m also a classical music fan (and occasional indie composer/singer) so I appreciate very much what she does (she’s like the Akiko Shkata of the Philippines I’d say).

    It’s like we are being stated the obvious that “only money-making talents can be a star on TV”. Not even Alakim nor Jeline Oliva got a chance on the finals. Sad, but true.

    Anyway I hope to meet her in real life someday. 🙂