Filipina-German actress Aleck Bovick joins the cast of Daisy Siete’s Season 21 – Tarzariray after a time of having a time out in her showbiz career by choice. Aleck looks more sexier today as she loses weight from 223 pounds down to 140 pounds after enhance diet.

Aleck Bovick is known for sexy films in the past like Naglalayag (2004), U-Belt (2004), Kerida (2003), Hiram (2003), Masarap na pugad (2002), Tampisaw (2002) and Kaulayaw (2002). She was also remembered in the Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition after agreeing to get her hair shaved in return of Php100,000 pesos to be given to her old father. Other previous tv appearances includes Panday, Maid in Heaven (2004) and Beh Bote Nga (1999).